About “Barking at the Aunts”

Some people find this the strangest name they ever heard. I’m afraid it is rather strange indeed. Who in his right mind would call his band or studio project “Barking at the Aunts” ? 

Where did the name come from?

For years I’ve been using the ‘name’ YAOMB (Yet Another One Man Band). After some time, i wanted to publish an album online and decided against the name since many people didn’t know what it meant or didn’t understand it. And especially Dutch folks don’t seem to be able to pronounce it. Since I’m Dutch, i decided to change it. So, to make things worse (i guess), i decided to choose an even less related name.

Since that name, however, has now become registered on many places I’m not going to change it again to something more pleasing to the ear. Apart from that, I did put some thinking in this name…

Larry Norman Christian Music is going to the dogs

One of the collectors vinyl albums by Larry Norman (I’ve been a huge Larry Norman fan for years) was entitled “Barking at the Ants“. And it’s rare. It contains songs by Larry and several British artists. I liked that title a lot. Since it doesn’t make sense to most people.

This is wat the Online Slang Dictionary says about it: “verb – intransitive: to vomit outdoors“. I think Larry felt like they’ve vomited on him in the Christian Music Industry. Or, perhaps he wanted to say the CCM industry made him vomit and that’s why he went to Great Britain? Since people in Europe and Great Britain did like and respect him. Others say it’s a mixed reference to Adam Ant’s music and the dog Larry owned.

It’s also a quote from a book, as far as i know. Anyway – I’ve made a slight variation on that in the spirit of Larry’s humor and close relation to dogs (now this is all “inside phan barking” I’m afraid :)); so here it is: “The Barking at the Aunts” project (Barking Aunts in short)!

Norman and his father, who had just retired from teaching after a heart attack, started Phydeaux Records (as in ‘Fido’). Norman joked that “if Christian music was going to the dogs, then he wanted to remain on the cutting edge.” –  Wikipedia

My music is inspired, amongst others, by Larry Norman. So in a way, this projects name  is to honour him, his music, his humor and ministry. Of course there are many other influences to list like U2, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, John Mellencamp  and many, many others. Even singers as Johnny Cash and other ‘outlaw’ country artists. But Larry Norman stands out among them as, for me, the most inspirational singer/songwriter and Christian Rock artist.