Yesterday’s Coffee

The story of a family in eight songs. Joey, Jimmy, Mandy. An unnamed brother. Or sister? Bored to death with working 9 to 5 at the office and feeling lonely but worried about Mandy’s kids. Mandy’s abandoned lover. Another son. Or perhaps Jimmy again? During the songs the story unfolds and ends where it started: Joey. This ain’t no happy story. Grief, loss, anger, adultery, violence. It’s the world we live in. It’s the world we write songs about. >> Read more about this release

Dinner For Two

Dinner For Two – available at BandCamp – contains 10 songs (including 2 bonus tracks) and is available for only $5. Listen/download at BandCamp (click here) or click here for more information about the 10th album by The Barking Aunts Project.

Dinner For Two - 10th solo album

Razor’s Blade

Full album, 11 tracks including exclusive studio outtake! This album contains 11 tracks that are all cowrites with award winning songwriter RJF Mensies.


Little Angel (free EP)

Little Angel, a 4-track EP, has been released on BandCamp on Nov 17,2016. The album is availalbe for “whatever you can afford”, and yes.. that includes “free”.

I’ve never been in this business for the money, only for the fun of it, sharing music and ideas is what is so much more important to me than making money out of it. So I decided to give this one away. For Free. No strings attached.

It is also available in full on Youtube, click here to listen.

Lavori In Corso

Released on August 12, 2016. This is the 7th studio album by “Barking Aunts” and contains 10 original songs. Out of the 10 songs, 8 were written by SingerSongwriter, musician and producer Rudy. Two of the songs included are co-writes with awardwinning songwriter RJF Mensies.

Available for only US$ 5.- at BandCamp (click here) and ReverbNation as well as other sites (soon) like iTunes. The single, “Down In The City” is made available as a free download.

Where The Wind Takes Me

A new album by Mirjam Tamara, recorded by “Barking Aunts”. It’s the 10th album we’ve recorded in our studio! The album has been made available on BandCamp (see below) as well as on our Dutch site at “De Zolderstudio” (easy online digital ordering using iDEAL, SoFort and other online banking systems).


Full, 10 track, album with songs about love, hate, friendship, loneliness, broken promises.. and lot’s of other mixed feelings we all know, have known or have seen. The full album is available at BandCamp. Dutch visitors can also order it as a digital download (iDEAL payment available) at “De Zolder Studio”, please click this link.

Dutch album: Ver Over! .. en Ver Naast

small hoesje cdThe most remarkable release we made ever is “Ver Over! … en Ver Naast“. The album contains songs in Dutch exclusively.

The songs included on this album are about lost, grief, love, misguided people, missing people you love,.. and related topics.

When I started writing a song in Dutch, more or less as a concept for a song that had to be translated to English later on, I kinda liked it as it was. And before I knew there was another one, and another, .. and after some time I had a bundle of songs in Dutch. I decided to do what I never had been willing to do but ended up enjoying very mutch: recording an album in Dutch, my native language” – Rudy

It’s available trough our website at BandCamp.

> Listen/download at BandCamp
> Watch the video video for “Ik Mis Je” at YouTube

Al  the official albums are available at Bandcamp, please follow the link below:

iTunes, Amazon

A short list of albums I’ve recorded and are available trough iTunes and Amazon can be found at TuneCore, they distribute the music of me and Mirjam worldwide.


Some of my songs are also available on SoundCloud. Like this playlist with songs in Dutch. The full list of songs can be found trough