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New Single “Miserable” by the Solid Rock Blues Band

The Solid Rock Blues Band has released it’s first official single. This marks the start of the new project officially with it’s first official release on BandCamp, ReverbNation, SoundCloud and Audiomack.

The single can be streamed for free and it’s available for only US $0.70 on ReverbNation and BandCamp. If you’d like to buy it, we suggest BandCamp since it’s the best audio quality available. Reverbnation has a lossless mp3-version available.

Visit one of the below links to listen or buy the track.

More news about Solid Rock Blues Band will be posted on the new website atย


Country Time! He Stopped Loving Her Today (Johnny Cash style)

“He Stopped Loving Her Today”. Free download! A cover song, performed by many country artists. Here’s my take on it, styled (more or less) like a Johnny Cash song. Cash also happened to have recorded it, but in an acoustic version. This one is with a ‘full band’.

Youtube –ย

Also availble as a free download from Audiomack, click here.

Original version by George Jones. Words & Music by Bobby Braddock – Curly Putman. This version is based on how Johnny Cash sang it, but with more instrumentation. All instruments, recording & mixing: Rudy (Solid Rock Blues Band), 2017.

Recorded using Audacity and Ardour. Final mix: Mixcraft.

Drums – FXPansion ECO Drums
Bass – Harley Benton (Harley Benton MM 84A SB Deluxe Series)
Guitars – Gretsch g5420t Electromatic, KAY K-520
Harp (Harmonica) – Hohner
Vocal Mic – BM800

DIY Home Studio Improvement: put up a blanket!

Acoustic treatment of your home studio doesn’t have to be expensive. I put a blanket in the room and it clearly improves the sound of acoustic recordings (guitar) and vocals as you can even hear on the video recorded with my android smartphone. Guitar in this video is a Washburn WD42S I bought in 2005.

In the Video I’ve posted you can clearly hear the difference. The guitar sounds very ‘dry’ now, as well as my voice. I’m curious what this small change will do to my vocal recordings btw. Because using the blanket creates a ‘vocal booth’ as well. I’ve tested it on a recording that will be available in some time.



Larry Norman’s The Rock That Doesn’t Roll – Classic Christian Rock!

Today I’ve published a (new) cover song, “The Rock That Doesn’t Roll”. A classic Christian Rocksong by the late great Larry Norman. It’s available trough AudioMackย (free download) and SoundCloud.

It’s a heavy rocking song, but the original version is a little slower (around 120bpm). Our version is 130bpm and has a more modern feel but still close to the original.

For this song I used my Saga Les Paul for the rhythm parts (a guitar I build myself) and the Hondo for the leads. In the chorus parts there are female backings but .. there were no females involved. Using the Kerovee plugin (also very suitable for autotuning!) I’ve pitched myself to a ‘female’ sound ๐Ÿ™‚

Larry Norman

As I’ve written before on my site, Larry Norman was one of my main influences especially in my teen years. I like his work a lot, and have recorded some of his songs earlier. Most of them acoustic. This time I choose the “full band approach”. I’ve tried to do this one before but never even got close to a good version. This week I managed to record it in a way I like it. Hope I ain’t the only one that does!



New demo’s at Audiomack Free Music Service

Recently a new album was released (Yesterday’s Coffee) but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped recording after that.

In fact, while I was recording Yesterday’s Coffee I also recorded a few other (instrumental) tracks and recently (including today) I’ve recorded some other brand new material. They are available (demo’s, free downloads) at AudioMack’s Free streaming service. You can find them at this link.


Audiomack offers great, and free, streaming services like SoundCloud but I feel it’s audio quality is better. Apart from that it’s very easy to use. It also offers you a change to upload cover songs and even make money when uploading your music to them.

As you will notice I’m using a different “band” (project) name at Audiomack. These songs are demo’s/unofficial recordings for now.

Rex Griffin’s The Last Letter

The most recent added track is a song written in 1937(!) and it’s become a real country-classic: “The Last Letter” by Rex Griffin. I turned it into a little more bluesy song, especially the lead part. It just happened to come out this way ๐Ÿ™‚

About the recording

The drum was programmed (midi) using an old program: “PCDrummer PRO”, and afterwards edited a little. Bass, guitars and vocals by me. Mixing also of course, using Ardour.

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