The software for the Digitech Trio Band Creator has been updated recently. I decided to download the firmware update and install it after seeing a video about it on Youtube. It promises a few fixes for software bugs and also some new features. 

One of the new features is a new bass program. The bass lines on the Trio are very good, but sometimes a little too overwhelming. Especially guitarists want their guitar parts to shine and not the bass player right? 🙂 The firmware upgrade fixes this. You now have the option to choose between a more simple bass pattern (more or less “root note bass parts”) and the original bass parts.

trio updateAfter the firmware update it’s easy to switch to the different bass parts. If you want the more laid back bass, turn down the bass knob to “zero” while pressing the “guitar FX” button. Release the Guitar FX button, and you’re done. Tor revert to the previous “bass player” press the Guitar FX and turn the bass to maximum volume. That’s it!

For me, this was worth the hassle alone. This way I can vary in bass parts more.

The installation of the firmware upgrades is very easy – download the software from the site, install it, connect your Trio trough USB, start the program and follow the instructions.

I so happened to have a certain bass+drums part ready for a track I wanted to record and used the new bass settings on it. You can listen to the track on SoundCloud and if you like it: download it for free. It’s an instrumental track. All effects are the build in DSP effects on the Trio. Guitar: Starcaster Stratocaster.