Yesterday we’ve released a new song “No More” on SoundCloud and a youtube version of the song “Little Angel”. The song “No More” will be available on Youtube shortly also.


The song “No More” is a little darker song as far as the sparse lyrics are concerned. It’s got many guitar layers and 3 guitar lead parts, all recorded using the Gretsch Electromatic. The song was recorded and mixed using Mixcraft – simply because it was more convenient, especially because I’ve used lot’s of midi tracks for this song. The drums, bass and keyboards were created using Chordpulse, and afterwards edited in Mixcraft. For the drums I’ve used ECO Drums to make them sound as natural as possible. The song is a rocking but laid back blues-like tune. For the female backings I’ve used Kerovee VST.

About the lyrics

The song lyrics were written some time after I’ve had the music recorded. This normally doesn’t work out for most songs – but in this case it did. I sometimes record pieces of music because I like, for example, the progression or have a certain idea I want to record before I forget it. In this case I recorded it a few months ago. As an instrumental. When I drove back from the office lately the concept and parts of the lyrics came to mind and when I arrived home I wrote down the lyrics and recorded them.


All rights 2016 © R. Brinkman/Barkin Aunts

The anger
behind the smile
you had me fooled there for a-while
but its lost it’s charm
it won’t disarm
me no more

The fear
in heavy disguise
you had me fooled there for a-while
slow steps to agonize
but no more

no more
no more
say no
no more