A (vintage) analogue mixer from SoundTech, the SoundTech ST162, has been installed in the studio today. ST162 means 16 channel input, 2 out (stereo out). I connected it to my Ardour Linux Recording Station using the Behringer UCA222 (2 in/2 out AD-converter).

In this video I give a short tour and explain some about the new setup. I also do a little sound test (speech) to hear if the mixer is ‘silent’.  You can’t hear it on the video but when there’s nothing connected there is a little electronic buzz or hiss. I know how to fix that though: simply connect the mixer or the computer on a different power outlet will do the trick.

I replaced my Behringer Eurorack 802 with the SoundTech mixer and also re-arranged the home studio. Looking forward to do some recordings with this new setup!

As far as I know these mixers are no longer available, the brand seems to have gone off the market but I’ve read some very good reviews on several boards online so I’m really curious about it.

It’s not about the gear!

I’m no gear snob at all, and have been working with cheap or free equipment and software for years. This mixer was given to me for free also, by my brother. It was a left over from their church. I also got a 6-channel Teisco Vocal 220 from them. That’s a vocal amp and probably most suitable for little bands and vocal groups. It works fine and since it’s a vintage vocal amp back from the early 70s I’m treating it with great care and have it in my studio also (not in use at the moment).

The SoundTech ST162 has 16 Channels: 16, 2 Buses; 1 Monitor Sends and 3 EQ Bands. It also features: an effects Processor but since it came without a manual I’ll have to try to find some more details online. It’s considered to be “professional audio”. From the fact alone that there’s no website nor any resellers of this brand I suspect it’s at least 25 to 30 years old. The pre-internet era. But it’s probably even older. So “professional audio” from that era is of course not as clean and probably not as good as professional audio equipment they build now but hey, .. I’m not running a big commercial studio anyway. And I happen to like a warm, analogue, sound!