Today we’ve released a new album (EP) containing four tracks. The Album “Little Angel” contains four songs including one instrumental song (a “guitar battle” between a Fender Stratocaster and a Gretsch Electromatic).

Free Download!

The album is available for free (50 copies/mo) or “for whatever you can afford”. I’m not a starving artist and it’s almost Christmas, so I decided to give the album away for free this time. For those that can afford to encourage and support me, feel free to pay a little for the album or tracks. So others who are really short on money can get a copy for free.

The album can be downloaded trough BandCamp only:

Recording & production

The album was recorded and produced by Rudy Brinkman a.k.a. The Barking Aunts Studio Chief of Operations and all songs are written and composed by Rudy.

For the recording we’ve used Ardour, a Linux Studio program, and Mixcraft. Lot’s of instruments, equipment, effort and time. Hope you’ll enjoy this and have a super Christmas and a Happy New Year!

For those who prefer to listen online, it’s available on SoundCloud also. Please click on the link: