Alesis Mulitmix 16 - Multichannel multitrack recordingJust a few pictures…

My studio is a pretty simple “home studio”, situated in a corner of our livingroom in a spare bedroom that was transformed into a study/home office and now also in use as a small home studio.

  • Pro: I can start recording anytime I want to; that is: working on recordings. I don’t need to leave the house, can stay close to the family.
  • Con: As soon as a I need to do vocal tracks, or acoustic recordings, changes are some noise from the house, neighbors or street are ‘bleeding’ trough – so it’s a little tricky to do vocals or acoustic instruments.

Here are a few collections of pictures and screenshots! Move your mouse over the image for some more information, or click on the image for full size images.

Instruments, Studio, performing

Various pictures from my home studio, performing, jamming and so on.

The Abandoned Store Sessions – Zuidhorn

November 2014 – February 2015

Read more about these sessions in the news section, watch the video’s on Youtube, or listen to some of the recordings made available on my SoundCloud account.