Well,… i guess home recording on a shoestring budget ain’t getting any cooler and cheaper than this. The “poor man’s solution” to recording multiple tracks to the computer’s DAW (your DAW does need to support multi-track/multi sound cards and of course Mixcraft does).

Alesis Mulitmix 16 - Multichannel multitrack recordingYou could always take the easy, more expensive, route to do multitrack recording. For example buying an Alesis MultiMix 16 USB FX. But that’s probably overkill for most people. Though I’d like to have one, one day..

But why pay EUR 400.- for such a mixer if you only need to do simple singer/songwriter stuff occasionally? Just you and your guitar? You might need 3 inputs maximum for that (2 guitar mic’s, one for vocals) to get a pretty decent sound. Most people do track-by-track recording or record in one go (like I do sometimes but I dislike doing this since I can’t remix such a track later on) using the mixer or audio interface..

USB Multi channel recording with cheap USB sound cardsAnd now, have a look at your computer or laptop.. how many USB connections does it have? There are at least two of them, most have four or even more. And,.. you can extend them using USB hubs if you want to.. Guess what you can plugin to these USB connectors? Cheap USB “soundcard”.

They will cost you only a few dollars each, and it’s a great way to get your feet wet in multichannel multitrack recording for less than $15.–

USB Sound
These cheap sound cards do have a lower bit rate most of the time compared to the more expensive interfaces (USB sound has 16-bit most of the time) but it works flawless and you can’t go wrong with this ‘investment’. You can by them at DealExtreme or Amazon.

So, how did I come up with this idea? Well, to be honest, it’s not my idea. I was googling for ” multichannel recording” and found this video on Youtube. It explains it all in detail, and it gives you a good impression (live recording session) of how it works. Mind you — as they guy in the video says: it’s not mixed down, no effects used. Love it.