Let’s be clear about this right from the start: The BM 800 Studio Condenser Microphone is the best mic I’ve ever bought as far as value for money is concerned.

What to expect if you buy a condenser mic from China, including a cable, shockmount and free shipping for less than the price of a shockmount in a music store? I didn’t expect much, to be honest.. the idea was “the cable and shockmount are worth the price alone” when I ordered the BM-800 from a website.

bm-800-condenser-review-and-testSo, I ordered it and it arrived with the speed of light. When it arrived I headed to the studio to finish a song I was recording. The vocal track hadn’t been recorded yet and while I was working on it,

I decided to grab the acoustic Washburn and record that as well to see if the mic could handle that well too. I was in for a big, BIG, surprise. This BM-800 condenser microphone is awesome. It has a great sound, and it seems to be build pretty well too. It is especially super well fit for vocal recording.

It comes with a cable with a 3,5″ jack. Well, that’s pretty weird, since a condenser needs phantom power. I have XLR-cables of course, so I connected it to the mixer and used the phantom power. I had to turn the mic gain on the mixer almost al the way down. It’s a super sensitive mic! It pics up a lot of room noise if you turn it up too loud. But for a home recording studio, or perhaps even a professional studio, it is perfect. And the schockmount comes in handy, especially since I “tap my foot” a lot when playing, ..

You will want to have this, even if you don’t need it – it makes a good and all round backup mic at least.

The package contains
– Condenser Mic
– Shock Mount
– Wind Screen
And you have several colors options.

No con’s on this one. It’s the best buy ever, EVER, I did as far as gear is concerned.

The BM-800 is available on e-Bay, Amazon and sites like https://aliexpress.com (where I bought it).

On SoundReview it got a great review too, btw. They state “The BM- 800 is an excellent budget microphone for most recording applications”.

So, I assume you want to know how it sounds…
Here’s the track I’ve recorded with it today

  • Vocals + acoustic guitar using the BM-800
  • Bass/Drum: Digitech Trio
  • Electric Guitar: Fender Stratocaster, acoustic guitar: Washburn)
  • Recored using Ardour (Linux, KX Studio).

Overal rating: 5/5