BM800 Studio Condenser Microphone review, test and side-by-side comparison with the McCrypt Studio Condenser Microphone. Spoken word and instrument (acoustic guitar) test.

As I wrote recently I bought a $17 Condenser Mic on a Chinese website (including free shipping!). Now, even for the lowest grade mic that would be a steal since it comes included with a shockmount, cable and is well packed.

Test includes spoken word and recording an acoustic guitar using Ardour (KXStudio) for recording in combination with a Behringer Eurorack mixer. Also, it is compared with another studio microphone, a McCrypt condenser I bought over 17 years ago and has been my main workhorse in the studio for vocal recordings.

The BM-800 Studio Condenser Microphone is sold under different brand names on amazon, aliexpress and many other websites. It is an amazing, cheap, Condenser mic very suitable for use in home studios, home recording, vlogging, and many other situations. The mic is very sensitive and has a great audio quality. You can’t go wrong with this one.

As far as I’m concerned this is the best choice for anyone who wants to start home recording and is on a tight budget.

You can watch the video here, on Youtube.

Recently we’ve used the mics on several track. Here’s an example of a vocal track by Mirjam Tamara. Of course it’s processed (normalising, compression, reverb) but that’s how mic’s are used in a studio setup. All vocals recorded using the BM-808.