My Panasonics blew up some time ago, so i needed a replacement pair of headphones. Since I didn’t want to spend an arm and leg on it because I use it only for listening to music and monitoring when recording I started searching for a headphone that was lightweight, had a good sound and was comfortable to wear. Also, it had to be “child proof”. And if it wasn’t it should be so cheap that if it gets broken within a few months I wouldn’t care less.

Behringer HPM1000 ReviewI saw some good reviews (and some bad) for the Behringer HPM1000’s. And since I’m a sucker for Behringer anyway I decided to buy them. I got it from for less than 10 euro.

What to expect for 10 euros? Not much, I’d say. Although I know Behringer to create good stuff for low prices, this was a price that didn’t raise any expectations. Not even for a Behringer product. In fact, you shouldn’t expect much from any pair of headphones below EUR 25.

The headphone comes nicely packed, with a 6.35mm jackplug that can be unscrewed. If you unscrew it, there’s a 3.5mm jackplug. The plugs have a “gold plated” look (there’s no real gold here for that price of course). It is comfortable to wear, and indeed very light. The pads are very comfortable too, but of course this depends on the size of your head and ears. For me (helmet size 58, for those who drive a motorcycle..) the fit is great.

How about the sound?

For a 10 euro headphone, the sound is truly amazing! The bass is too loud for me. But you can lower that on your EQ of course. Most people like that for listening music but it makes it not that suitable for mixing. The mid-section sounds fine too as well as the high. It’s not too sharp sounding and there’s not too much treble. The closed headphone locks out all outside sound as soon as you start playing music. So in short, it’s very suitable for listening to music and for monitoring also when recording. It’s overall sound is, for example, better than the ever popular Senheisser hd201’s and hd202’s (we have both of them, and both sound horrible). You will pay at least double for them, and if you want to spend 20 euros on a pair of headphones, I suggest .. buy two of these so you’ll have one spare!

Some compare these headphones to ‘high end’ headphones. I don’t know what they consider to be high-end, but that’s a little too much praise for them. I’d say they can, however, be compared to the Senheisser’s and other 20 to 30 euro headphones and outperform them. It doesn’t sound as good as the Panasonic RP-HTX7’s we have (we still have one here, but it’s not mine). The Panasonics retail for around 50 euros. But for the money, you can’t go wrong with these.

Suitable for mixing?

Is it suitable for mixing? Not at all. Please never, ever, consider mixing with this. The reason why you shouldn’t is simple. While it does have a nice overall sound, it lacks details you will need when mixing. It doesn’t care less if you bring down a few Hz on the mids, high or low in your DAW. It’s not responding to that. Well, it might be, but you can’t hear it. I did a little test. Mixed a track using these, and after that grabbed my Fostex’s T50RP (known for their flat frequency response). The mix sounded horrible: too much mids and not enough low end. High end was fine!

Where it is very suitable for is listening to your end mix. If you mixed down a song using your monitors and studio headphone — grab a pair of these and listen how it sounds on them. Why? Because it’s an above average cheap headphone. Most people use headphones like this. So it makes a great “real world reference”. Want to know how people will hear your mix? Use cheap ear buds, a headphone like this, play it in your car, or on your crummy PC or laptop speakers. If it sounds good on them, it will sound good on anything. But never mix on them. Since as soon as someone with a high-end headphone, speakers or a different type of cheap gear (!) will listen, it will sound like crap to them.

Pro’s and Con’s

Review Behringer HPM1000 headphonesSuitable for:
– listening to music — nice overall sound;
– monitoring when recording;
– real life listening…

– little loud on the bass (as most headphones are);
– good mids;
– nice high’s, not too much treble.

Not suitable for:
– mixing!

Missing Characteristics:
– not enough detail esp. in the mid section (when used for mixing).

– For the price it’s more than right!
– Very light, comfortable to wear for hours;
– Well closed, outside noise stays outside.

– little to bass heavy. But the average teen listener will love that i guess.

Where to buy?
Thomann, Germany

Rating: 4stars