Here’s a shortlist of the instruments I own, have owned , and used over the past years on my albums.


Current guitars

  • Gretsch g5420t Electromatic (aspen green)
    I bought this guitar on October 5th, 2014. Read the full story here.
    This is as cool as it gets for me I think. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another hollow body guitar, this one is here to stay. It has a great tone, playability and great looks too! The Gretsch has become my main guitar for recording and on stage ever when I play electric.
  • Hondo H-175/BL
    A true “Vintage” Guitar – bought because … well, read the review and listen for yourself. Click here. It’s a true ‘all-round’ guitar and has a very, very smooth neck and high playability. It’s of course a cheap guitar but it’s in my home recording studio and I’ve been using it on a few recordings. It was also used on several Abandoned Store Sessions.
  • “Starcaster” (Fender) Stratocaster *sold* back home again!
    This guitar was the reason the Johnson had to go… and I’ve never had any regrets! Even though it’s a “C-brand” (made in China) Fender, it is a real Fender as far as sound is concerned. Many people have tried it and all responded very surprised as far as sound and playability is concerned. I love its smooth neck and the fact it’s suitable for any kind of music. Despite the fact I’ve always been a “humbucker”-fan, this somehow is the first guitar I always pick up if I want to record.
    I had traded/sold this one, but the new owner asked me to take it back after some time. He apparently couldn’t change the strings on it and didn’t understand the concept of a locked tremelo so .. it’s back! It was pretty dirty, strings were broken and the strapbutton on the back was also broken. Fixed it, polished it and put a set of nice Elixer strings on it – did some other routine maintenance on it and low-and-behold! I’ve got my FENDER back! And it’s as good sounding as ever!
  • SAGA Les Paul
    Build this one myself from a SAGA Guitar Kit. Click here to see the video for this one. Don’t mind the playing,… I need to do a new audio track for this one soon,….
  • DIY Stratocaster, Paulownia body.
    Click here for the video.  Just for fun project. Hardly ever use it. But it looks great (hanging on the wall in the studio).

Past guitars

  • epi_dotEpiphone “DOT” *sold*
    (Sunburst, made in Indonesia). 

    My all-time favorite guitar as far as tone is concerned. untill I bought a Gretsch. Bought it in a sale from a music store that had gone bankrupt. It has a great sound, but it’s a little heavy to carry around, so it hardly ever left the house. One of the reasons for me to trade it in. But also because oh well, .. how can you resist a Gretsch?
  • Epiphone Les Paul “standard” (LP100). *sold*
  • Bought second handed, used it for a few years, and sold it. Loved the tone, but the neck wasn’t that playable as I hoped. It’s used on one of the first songs i ever recorded/published, “Kids with Guns
  • Kramer Stratocaster *sold*
    Bought this cheap off the internet, sold it after a few weeks. It wasn’t the sound I was after;
  • Johnson ‘Hollowbody’ (ES-335 copy) *sold*
    Loved it’s sound and playability, but sold it because I wanted to buy another guitar, .. and the “golden rule” in our house, since a few years back, is that if i buy a new guitar, an “old” one has to go.. because my wife doesn’t want to “live in a guitar store”.. 🙂
  • DIY Telecaster, hollow body, home build *sold*
    This telecaster I build myself from left over parts from a few guitar kits. I’m selling guitar kits online, and some kits arrived in bad shape. I took the left over parts and build this one from it (click to see the video). It was stolen (burglary) but retrieved with the help of someone who noticed it up for sale online afterwards. I had it hanging in my store as a demo model after that again; someone made me a good offer, so I sold it…


I’ve had several amps over the years, solid state amps, tube amp, and now back to solid state. I don’t have a need for

Electar Tube Amp

Electar Tube Amp

a lot of amps or big amps since I’m most of the time using it at home for practicing (and to annoy the neighboars).

  • Fame Vintage Line GX15R Combo.
    This amp is clearly a Fender rip-off – it’s modelled after the Fender classic’s from the 60s. This is a very nice amp, it has a clean and a separate ‘overdrive’ channel, bass, mid, treble and reverb. I love it’s clean sound, as well as the overdrive. It’s just a simple, all-round, practice amp and will do fine on a small stage too. Best of all is it’s price. You can buy them for less than 60 euro’s online. You can’t go wrong with this one I’d say. Here’s a promotional video for this amp.
  • Line 6 Spider IV 15 15 Watt 1×8 **Sold**.
    Bad sound, very digital sounding. Knobs and switches malfunction and overall not a good buy. Sold it pretty soon after I bought it.
  • Electar tube 10W amp. **Sold**
    Nice sound, great looks, compact, .. but somehow, .. I didn’t like it that much. I think 10 Watt’s just isn’t enough for a Tube amp it should be at least 30 watt I suspect to have that really nice Tube-sound — but if it’s bigger it gets too heavy.
  • Marshall amp **Sold**
    This was my first amp, it was a great amp, but the reverb got broken and since someone was interested in it for it’s parts I sold it. I have forgotten the model/type, it was a 15Watt (if I remember correct) solid state amp. Very nice sound.


washburn-wd46I started playing guitar on a very cheap, Eastern-Germany (before the wall came down..) acoustic guitar. Gave it to my brother after a few years and it disappeared one day.. guess he sold it.

After i gave it away i bought a second-hand KAY K-520. Still have it. Must be over 40 years old now.

About two years ago I gave it a good restoration job and now Mirjam is using it a lot.

A few years ago i bought a new acoustic guitar, a Washburn WD-42S, an anniversary model”. I really love this guitar and it’s the best acoustic, for the money, i could find after searching for a new acoustic for a long time.

I use this guitar at home, for recording, and almost weekly in church when playing during worship services.


There are a lot of instruments in our house or available to me, some are mine, some are owned by my children.

Two of the harmonica's I use sometimes.

Two of the harmonica’s I use sometimes.

Here’s a short list of them.

  • TAMA Rockstar Drumkit *sold*
  • Yamaha DTX400 Electronic Drumkit (Mirjam’s)
  • Roland electric piano, Roland Keyboard (Judith’s)
  • AKAI Mini MPK (midi keyboard)
  • Tambourine, no brand
  • several harmonica’s (harps). Most of them I buy cheap on the internet (auctions!) since I can’t play well on them, still.. I want to start playing more on them one day. I have a harp for almost every key now and didn’t spend much on them!