7057_708414739231703_8239381479206577933_nI bought this guitar on my recent holiday in a pawn shop.. It was originally sold, in the early 80s I assume, as a ‘starter’ guitar for teens. It has a 7/8th size (small) body, 1 humbucker, volume and tone control.

Dusty, dirty body, rusty strings (one missing).. but controls were fine, no visible damage. In fact, it was ‘like new’. The neck was beautiful, made of a tropical/Asian hardwood. The only thing that has vanished is the original color. It should be blue (that’s why it’s called the H-175/BL) but it’s now more green. That’s the beauty however of ‘vintage gear’. Also the pick guard has clearly been suffering from standing in the sun or being stored away on a loft since it’s not as nice and tight as it should be but other than that, it’s like playing a new guitar..

I couldn’t resist, gave it a little test in the shop, and bought it. For € 90 it was mine.. Took it home, cleaned it, put a set of Ernie Ball’s Regular Slinky strings on it, tuned it and…. It was ready to go!

What you hear here is the guitar played trough my cheap Fame Vintage Line GX15R Combo (Fender rip-off model) clean channel, with some reverb and later on in the clip you hear it with a VST plugin switched on (Guitar Cabinet) so you’ll have an idea how it could sound also..!

In the below video you can see and hear how it looks and sounds! Recorded using my Boss Micro BR Digital Recorder (with it’s build in microphone, no effects or processing used).