…As a Musician?

The Starving Musician can make money online tooWell, . many people say it’s impossible. The music industry has fought online music for a long time. They didn’t want albums on Youtube, or video clips. But now it seems they’re embracing it. How come?

  • they make money off the advertising cooperating with Youtube and Google ads and stuff like that – yes even the “illegal” video’s!
  • the big labels have contracts with Youtube/Google for offering content and getting paid for this;
  • they make money in online sales (iTunes) and plays trough Spotify and others..;
  • they learned that artists can interact and create an additional fanbase online.. and use that new revenue stream.

How’d they find out about that? How come they don’t seem to have a problem anymore with those cheap Russian websites selling mp3’s for only a few cents? How come they don’t mind you posting your amateur video of concerts online?

My bet is, they learned faster from a few succesful indie artists than most indie artists ever did or will do. I’ve seen a lot of indie bands and artists putting their video’s online hoping for people to “click the link and buy our album”. Won’t work that way. Unless your name is Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga. Or the Rolling Stones. Bob Dylan. They are names still selling albums. But the crowd buying the Stones and Dylan’s albums most of the time still visit the music stores and buy their albums there. But no one ever heard about you as an indie artist. And your albums aren’t available in the stores either.


Ever heard about ‘beliebers’? I watched a movie about Justin Bieber. His career is build on ‘beliebers’. People that “believe” in him. He used Twitter as one of the marketing tools to interact with his fan base. He’s got a very smart management. Watch and learn. Watch and learn! Promote the hell out of yourself. Get airplay. Start using Twitter. Facebook. Blogs. All free tools. Build a nice little website. Start building a fan base.  It will take time. But I’ve seen a few bands doing it and they’re good at it. Offer free downloads trough sites like Bandcamp. Hand out business cards with your band’s website name and link on it. Print “Free downloads available” on it.

How to make money?

Of course you want to know how to make money online. Because everyone says it can be done and it’s easy. Not so.  Running ads on your Youtube video’s or selling digital downloads won’t keep the stove burning, will it? Even if you’re having 10,000 views of your video, it will only make a few bucks (that’s the difference: if you’re a big well-known band with a huge record label backing you up, Youtube will pay you a lot more).

If you’re a singer/songwriter or band, don’t expect miracles from online sales, plays adds, or video’s. But do use it to build a ‘fanbase’, the “true believers”. Offer them free downloads. Video’s.

Get bookings this way. The internet is the best place for free promotion. Get your name out there. And don’t forget to sign up, btw, with TuneCore. They will collect money for you like the big record companies do for their artist.

Facts about TuneCore?

  • $300 Million in Artist Earnings!
  • Over 3 Billion Downloads and Streams!

These are, most of the time, indie artists!! So click here to sign up with TuneCore! You can forget about the record labels, you don’t need a label. You can cash in on your music yourself. Couldn’t have been any easier if you ask me.

Is that all?

No. You can do lot’s more. Research the internet and hook up with sites like TuneCore, read up on sites like CDBaby’s The DIY Musician and google for more information. Share your knowledge with others (like I’m doing here). But do keep some for yourself. You’re the one in need for some cold hard cash and bookings. Even I was offered bookings because people heard my music online (but I won’t accept for now since I’m not a performing artist). And remember: if it sounds too good to be true,.. it is.