The Good Old Days - Barking at the Aunts - Homestudio project AlbumMy new album, “The Good Old Days”, is now officially released! The album contains 8 songs (including one hidden bonus track) and is available for sale now at BandCamp. Or listen to it for free on the Albums page.

This is the 3rd home-studio album of Rudy Brinkman’s musical project Barking At The Aunts. It includes one ‘hidden’ bonus track and one free download.

Discount pricing if you download the full album. It includes music written, composed and recorded over a period of more than one year and most songs go back to my musical roots as well as back in the historical roots.

For now, the album is only available trough BandCamp, I’ll try to make it available as a direct download trough my website a.s.a.p. 

> Visit Bandcamp, click here


Special thanks to my friends James Zheutlin aka “The Acid Cowboy” for co-writing, proof listening and commenting on my recordings. Check out his songs at  I would also like to thank Kevin Wayne for his advise, proof listening and commenting. You can find Kevin’s music at

Free track

As usual I’ve included a free track. While the album was a work in progress there was one free, instrumental, track available. Now that the album is finished I made the last song I’ve recorded/mixed available for free. Listen and/or download it below. It’s the song Jim and I wrote together. We went country. Sort of..