DJ, Karaoke and Singer-Songwriter PA-setSoon my daughter Mirjam will be having an EP-release and for the release-party we needed a simple PA-set for ‘singer/songwriter’ purposes for a small audience (up to around 60 or 70 people at most). So we looked into renting one, but soon found out that buying a new set was even cheaper esp. since we already have mic’s and a small mixer.

The website “MaxiAxi” (Dutch) was offering a “Karaoke” PA. It looked like a set that could do the job well so we ordered it online. Within 2 days it arrived and I gave it a test.

The set contains to main parts: a small amp with several inputs (I’ll get to that later) and a pair of speakers.

SkyTec XEN-3508 PA-speakers

The speakers that come with this set are advertised as ‘500W’, of course they aren’t. That’s the peak they can handle. They are 200W but that’s more than enough of course for a decent sound level. We tested them hooking up an mp3-player (smart phone, in fact) to the amp and it was very, very, loud without distorting. On its top level the distortion was minimal and only in the high-end there was some.

Next I plugged in an electric guitar in the amp (mic in!) and later on a semi-acoustic guitar. Worked well, but if you turn up the level too much it will distort, of course. These are mic-in’s for dynamic mic’s, not guitar inputs..

So — they’re loud. But not only loud, the sound is good! It has a nice natural sound. And apart from that the speakers are lightweight. For the average solo singer-songwriter, small disco or Karaoke party this will do just fine!

Skytronic 103.202 Compact Hi-Fi PA Karaoke Amplifier

The Skytronic amp is very nice. Really easy to use, and it has a lot of inputs — and I love inputs. You can’t have enough of them if you ask me!!


At the front there are two mic in’s and the volume, tone (bass, mid, treble), balance as well as reverb (echo) can be adjusted for the mic’s. The adjustments do not influence the other sources of sound, that can be connected to the back like the AUX and 2x 2 x Stereo RCA line input.

The line inputs or the AUX can be used for CD-players, a computer/laptop, .. or: a MIXER 🙂  It also has a stereo line out, so you can connect it to active speakers in case you’d like to use it for that. The input selector at the front is at the left and it’s a nice big knob so you can easily switch. The main volume is at the top right and it doesn’t influence the mic’s volume and settings. In fact it’s a mini-mixer!

So in my case that would mean I could hook up my small mixer and have 2 extra mic in’s available with separate volume and other controls! How about that for a nice, small and budget-friendly PA?

I wouldn’t use this small PA for a full band. It’s too small for that and to be honest, if you’re in a smaller setting like a small bar, hall or garden-party you don’t need to ‘amp’ a band using electric guitars, drums, bass.. at least I think you don’t.

You could also use this little amp and it’s speakers for a home-audio set. Hook up an mp3-player or anything else and you’re done. And If you feel like doing so – plug-in a mic and sing along with your favorite artists.


None, so far. We will be using it in a live situation soon and I might update this post after that. The only minor thing about this set are the screw terminals for speaker connection. I would have preferred jack-plugs for portability’s sake. But for the price, .. this set is more than just right!

All in all this is a very good combination, and it works well for us so far.

Sound: 5stars
Ease of use: 5stars