Yesterday my friend Richard Mensies, a very good songwriter who’s been writing songs ever since he got out of his diapers, came by for a visit. And if you invite Richard over, there’s a 9,99 out of 10 change you end up songwriting.. Well, I don’t mind at all of course 🙂 

Songwriting & Recording session with Richard MensiesAfter a few mugs of coffee we started fiddling around with a few beats, chords, lines and.. a few hours later we had a song finished and even recorded a quick demo.

The demo was recorded with Richard and me singing and playing the guitar all recorded with only one mic (the studio condenser).

At first we tried to do a demo recording using a Chordpulse backing (picture) but we ended up doing it on guitar only to save time. For the time being so we’d have a ‘reference version’ for later use.

After that, I’ve done some minimalistic processing – widening the stereo image a little, adding a little compression and a touch of reverb. We’ll be doing a full recording soon and hopefully Mirjam and Lisa will be doing some backings on it.