Click here for details and FREE download of the single “Down In The City”. Available at ReverbNation and Bandcamp.

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The release comes with a free single, available trough soundcloud, bandcamp and reverbnation.

Release date: August 12th, 2016
Includes 10 brand new tracks!

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Barking At The Aunts is all about home recording, our home studioour music-projects, albums and (free) songs recorded at our home studio, home recording hardware, home recording software and techniques used for home recording, reviews and music-related news, and much, much more..

All music related as far as a computer is involved. And guitars.

We use Chordpulse. Mixcraft, KXStudio, Ardour, Digitech TRIO Band Creator… Effect pedals. Write about recording vocals and acoustic instruments. Dynamic and Condenser mic’s from McCrypt, Shure, T.Bone, Behringer. To name a few brands and products we use. Review albums and products from first hand experience. We use what we review.

Who or what is Barking At The Aunts?

I’m an indie “internet artist” from Holland and publish my music trough various websites. You can listen to it for free or download it for a very small fee.

This website is also a “playground” for me in a technical sense – in the backend of this site I’m testing all kinds of stuff related to WordPress and WordPress plugins, SEO tools (click this link for details), web design, online e-commerce tools and so on. But I won’t bother you with the details and geek talk on stuff like that too much 🙂

Soundcloud collection

Below is a list of songs, demo’s and experimental stuff available through Soundcloud including some free downloads.

Publishing service (a.k.a. “our label”)


Barking Aunts Studio is a home recording “project-studio”. We record (and sometimes also publish) music of several indie musicians from a noncommercial perspective though we don’t mind if you’d like to pay for a download of course…

Main focus is the “Barking Aunts” Project. We’re not signed to a label since we don’t need to because we distribute our music trough BandCamp. Some albums are also available in other online stores like iTunes trough TuneCore.

The albums can be found at:

The TuneCore service publishes the albums on iTunes, Amazon and many other online music vendors and websites for us for a small fee. We recommend using TuneCore to any singer/songwriter, small indie label or self-published band or musician.